Thursday, 7 August 2014

Egg Crepes

Hi everyone! The other day I posted a recipe my household really enjoys: egg waffles! Two points to make about that recipe:
1) yes, they are sweetened scrambled eggs. The recipe is pretty much a scrambled egg recipe plus sweetener (eggs and dairy! or water!). That was the point of my original egg waffle recipe; I didn't want all those extra things like flour and cream cheese... basically, I wanted the end result to include syrup and peanut butter traps. YUM. 
2) Waffles require a waffle maker; making the recipe into crepes/pancakes might be tricky. That is why I am making this post :)! I want everyone to be able to enjoy my favourite meals (or at least try them). Therefore, I'm going to have egg pancrepes for lunch today so I can take pictures! I really hope this post is helpful!
I'm going to use most of the same information from my waffle post, but note that I'll only be making half a batch... no one else is home to eat them with me :(.

I put 1/2 tbsp of whipped peanut butter in each and drizzled 1-2 tbsp on top. 

I am referring to these as pancrepes/crepecakes because I have never made them thin enough to be called crepes, but I don't find them thick enough to be called pancakes, but next time I make this recipe I am going to try to make them verrryy thin and see how they turn out. Result: excellent!

I used 2 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa for extra chocolatey goodness. 

Also, the texture of the egg pancrepes is completely different than that of the egg waffles. I'm sure you can imagine if you've had "regular" crepes and waffles before. I would describe the egg pancrepes as dense and moist, basically the opposite of how I would describe the waffles.

Servings: 4 servings (4-6 crepes)

Time: 10-15 minutes

Nutritional info (per 1 serving): 122 cals, 3g net carbs (3g carbs, 0g fiber), 10g fat, 7g protein


  • 4 large eggs
  • 4 tbsp of heavy whipping cream
  • 2-4 tbsp of sweetener (depending on how sweet you want them. I usually use 2 tbsp)
  • 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder or 1/2-1 tbsp cinnamon [optional]
  • electric whisk or stand mixer (I'm using a Cuisinart electric mixer)
  • a mixing bowl
  • a small frying pan (I used an 8 inch pan)
Preheat and grease your waffle maker frying pan on medium-low. Beat/whisk the crap out of the eggs, cream, sweetener, cocoa/cinnamon until it is all frothy and thoroughly combined.
Pour about 1/4 of the batter into your heated and greased pan (assuming you're making a full batch. Leave it to cook for about 8-10 minutes!
3 minutes of cooking at medium-low

You can delicately check the edges every 3 minutes; look for the eggs firming up, browning edges, etc.
6 minutes of cooking at medium-low
8 minutes of cooking at medium-low.
Not much of a difference compared to 6 minutes, but the browning on the other side looks better 
A little blurry, sorry! This is the first side after ~9 minutes.
This was ideal for me.
Try to keep the cooking time to around 8 minutes for the first side. It is easy to overcook these. If you cook them for much longer than 8 minutes the outsides dry up too much and get too crispy, causing them to crack easily:
I got distracted. This is anywhere from 10-13 minutes.
See? The one that cooked longer is split (though still roll-able!).
After you've got one side of your crepecake to a good browning level, flip it and let the other side cook for 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat, dress it, and rinse/repeat with the rest of the batter.  

Get creative with your waffle crepecake toppings and enjoy! Try rolling bacon, a bit of peanut butter, and a bit of sugar-free syrup in your waffles. YUM! 
xo, Jennifer



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